Most humans living in the northern frontier of Garund are of Garundi extraction. Having migrated from the southern reaches of the continent, these roving Garundi clans established themselves wherever sufficient water and food could be found. Many settlements remain small, sometimes composed of just single clans, though the region also boasts numerous cities of respectable size, as well as the immense metropolis of Sothis near the wide delta of the River Sphinx, where traders, travelers, and adventurers come from all over the world seeking their fortune amid the bazaars and ruins alike.

The largest ethnic group in northern Garund other than the Garundi is the Keleshites, owing mostly to their centuries-long occupation of Osirion. By the time the satrapy’s reign over Osirion was overthrown, thousands of Keleshites had already established roots in Garund and considered it their adopted home. Willing to adapt to a new regime, most simply continued with business as usual, though some groups yet pine for the days when their home nation ruled over the Land of the Pharaohs.

Many other ethnicities, both human and otherwise, are present in the larger cities and outlying settlements of Rahadoum, Thuvia, and Osirion, including the stoic Pahmet dwarves of Osirion and the geniekin, who can be found in nearly any of these lands where otherworldly magic has touched the deserts. People of the Mauxi branch of the Mwangi ethnicity are prevalent in regions such as the Kho-Rarne Pass into Osirion and the southern borders of Thuvia and Rahadoum, and the wild elves from the same region sometimes travel into these sand-swept realms.

The following regional race variants are avaible for Mummy's Mask in addition to their regular versions.


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