Miscellaneous House Rules

Here listed are all the other small house rules in effect, which do not warrant their own listing.

Combat Speed

  • A player deciding on their turn within 6 seconds receives a +1 on their action
  • A player taking longer than 12 seconds to decide loses their turn
  • A player that does not know a spell's effect when casting loses the spell

Prestige Classes

  • Prestige classes always count as a favored class
  • Entry to a prestige class now also requires an unlock through plot
  • The first level of a prestige class yields an additional reward
  • For a list of prestige classes and their rewards see here

Death & Dying

  • A PC that dies instead stabilizes at negative hit points equal to their Constitution score
  • A PC that "died" this way receives a wound, a permanent penalty associated with the event
  • A PC that has collected 3 wounds will die as per regular rules


  • Experience is shared between the party at all times, nobody misses out
  • Clearing a debt or pulling a favor rewards 100 x Chapter experience
  • Clearing/Settling a campaign trait rewards 400 experience once
  • Using a plot twist card rewards 100 experience
  • Fulfilling goals rewards 5%/10%/15% of the next level up required value


Miscellaneous House Rules

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