Feat Tax

This small set of changes to the feat system is meant to free up feat slots in order to allow more varied builds without screwing with the balance too much.

Martial Mastery/Weapon Focus
Gone. Combat feats like Weapon Focus now apply to weapon groups instead of a specific weapon by default.

Weapon Finesse
Gone. The “light weapons” category has been renamed to “finesse weapons.” Characters can choose to use either their dexterity bonus or their strength bonus to hit with these weapons, no feat required. “Finesse” is also now a weapon attribute like “brace” or “trip,” allowing a weapon in another category to be finessed (like the rapier).

Agile Maneuvers
Gone. A character adds their dexterity to the CMB if they’re wielding a finesse weapon and their strength otherwise.

Combat Expertise
Gone. Now simple a combat option for any class with at least +1 BAB.

Point-Blank Shot
Gone. Precise Shot replaces it as a prerequisite for further archery feats.

Revised. You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. This bonus increases to +4 against attacks of opportunity caused when you move out of or within a threatened tile. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.

Feat Tax

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