Action Points

Action Points (AP) are a resource meant to give players more options and succeed at something when they really really want to.

  • Every player receives 3 AP at the start of a session
  • They can spend these AP on certain special effects
  • Only 1 AP per round may be spend
  • Additional AP may be earned by writing a log, superior role playing, good summaries, and more
  • Every PC also possesses a special AP power only they may activate (see below)

Uses for AP

  • Inspiration (immediate action): Gain +1d6 on any d20 roll, minimum of +3 if used before the roll is made
  • Refreshment (swift action): Regain 1 use of a daily limited ability (such as spell slots), this use lasts for 1 round
  • Bulwark (immediate action): Gain 1d8+HD temporary hit points, these stack with any other temp hp already in place but only last 1 round

Special AP Powers
- Isra: Bonus when interacting with criminal elements
- Tantal VI: Boost damage reduction
- Kakra: Gains limited scent
- Imjir: Bonus when interacting with Wati locals
- Ja'hasa: Cast create water as spell like ability
- Ramad: Gains fast healing for some time

Action Points

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