LQ's Mummy's Mask

Session 03 - Tomb of Akhentepi Part 3

..where we all have a nice bath

Chapter 01; Location Wati (Necropolis); XP; Major Event Tomb Exploration; D&F None; Goals None; Plot Twists None

  • unlocked the door to the (false) burial chamber
  • attacked by a flying sarcophagus while water rushed in
  • managed to escape the death trap
  • found the chamber of grave goods and a secret door
  • there found the actual sarcophagus and fought its guardian

    Treasure Earned
  • Onyx holy symbol of Pharasma with silver decorations
  • Vial of silversheen x2
  • Longbow out of sandalwood with a few inlaid onyx slivers
  • Cold iron arrow x10
  • Golden scarab clasp
  • Silver hand mirror
  • Wax-sealed clay urn with oily substance
  • Petrified desert rose
  • Sack with 520 gp in ancient coins
  • Assortments of gem stones worth 100 gp
  • Darkwood coffer with 25 gp
  • Potion of darkvision
  • Potion of restoration, lesser
  • Golden funerary mask worn by Akhentepi's mummy
  • Akhentepi's Armor (see Treasure)



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