LQ's Mummy's Mask

Session 02 - Tomb of Akhentepi Part 2

..where we witness Kakra smash stuff

Chapter 01; Location Wati (Necropolis); XP 455; Major Event Tomb Exploration; D&F None; Goals None; Plot Twists None

  • Silverscars destroy the warrior dolls and obtain the scarab shield
  • Kakra smashes a magical mirror
  • Fought a Sandling on the stairs
  • Encountered strange magic-infused insects
  • Obtained a beautiful tapestry of Pharasma's Spire

    Treasure Earned
  • 100 gp, 42 sp, scroll tube with various documents (worth and content unknown)
  • Composite Shortbow (+1 Str) with destroyed string, 2 light wooden shields
  • Engraved high quality khopesh, spear with snake design
  • Scarab Shield (see Treasure)
  • Soulriver Tapestry
  • Wax-sealed urn with perfume



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