Chapter 1: The Half-Dead City

Pharasma’s Needle stands proud in Wati’s necropolis, greeting mourners as they come to entomb their loved ones in the famous burial site. Seventeen hundred years ago, while the Pharasmin priest Nefru Shepses began the process of rebuilding the city, along with sealing away the dead part of the city from the living and consecrating the necropolis, a stone from the heavens streaked through the sky, plunging into the cool waters of the River Sphinx. Nefru Shepses decreed the celestial event was an omen of favor from the Lady of Graves, and he ordered workers to retrieve the stone from the riverbed. Stonecutters sculpted the meteorite into a capstone for an obelisk to be set in the city’s new necropolis as a symbol of Pharasma’s blessing for the city of Wati.

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LQ's Mummy's Mask

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